I have been to several other physical therapists in my life time, but I’ve never had incredible overall experiences like I’ve consistently had at The Accident Center at RejuvenX after my car accident. From the first phone call, the therapy, and the appointments with the Doctors, everyone in this facility is professional, highly-knowledgeable, well trained and incredibly kind. I am “not just another patient”…they actually CARE!

Nicole L.

I was in an auto accident 6 months ago. I was having severe back pain that was restricting my ability to sleep. I started my treatment at another facility, but had no results. I decided to switch to The Accident Center at RejuvenX. After 2 months, I am sleeping great, and work is going amazing. I feel stronger, lighter and basketball is going amazing.

Chris B.

I had a car accident and had really bad upper back pain and neck pain. Since I have come to The Accident Center at RejuvenX I have been feeling much better. I have loved the experience here and I would recommend to anyone. They really care about you and they really do an amazing job. Before I really didn’t trust many doctors, but I really got to know this place and finally for the first time I can trust someone or some place.

Daril O.