Under Florida’s no-fault auto insurance, you have a 14 day window after the date of your accident to seek treatment. If you do not see a doctor within the 14 days, you will lose access to your personal injury protection (PIP) coverage for that accident.

We know that following an accident you have many questions and concerns, especially if you caused, or were cited for the accident.  Concerns such as:

  • Pain, stiffness, headaches, herniated discs and/or numbness from the accident
  • Handling calls from your insurance company
  • Paying your deductible
  • Getting your car fixed at the shop
  • Finding a doctor

It may seem like you are on your own, with very little guidance. Patients have told us that after causing an accident it felt like attorneys and doctors weren’t there for them and they wanted to stay away from the wrong type.

If you were found to be AT FAULT, or neither parties were ticketed, we welcome you to set an appointment in our office. Your auto insurance will cover you just as your medical insurance would. Receiving treatment will very rarely, if ever, raise your rate. The rate increase, if any, would be due to the accident and more than likely not the treatment. We are a group of physicians that understands even good people can have a momentary lapse and cause an accident. If you were found to be AT FAULT, or neither parties were ticketed, you have a place in our office. (Yes you read that correctly)

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a team of physicians who not only knew how to help your aches and pains, but also understood your rights?

We are here to help you even if you caused the accident, or were cited.  Our primary focus is you and your overall well being.

Since we have been doing this for over a decade we can also help you gain greater understanding of how to handle the events that happen after an accident from insurance companies to attorneys.

BUT the clock is ticking. Florida Laws mandate that you only have 14 days from the date of your accident to receive treatment. IF following an accident, you don’t get checked by a physician with in that time frame you will be 100% responsible for all of your medical bills. Your car insurance covers you the same way health insurance does for the pains from an accident.
Take time out to now to make sure you don’t have injuries that could last a lifetime, and cause serious problems down the road. Don’t let a mistake, that may not have even actually even been your fault, cost you.

We know how to help get patients back to feeling like themselves after an accident. We have the working knowledge on how to protect you when the opposing party has “lawyered up”. In fact, in some cases, there can be a “split liability” protecting you from a lawsuit.

A GREAT group of doctors are finally here to protect you.  

Ignoring This Information Can Actually Void Your Personal Injury Claim Forever!

You Have 14 Days to File a Claim…The Clock Is Ticking!

With Internet On Your Phone, Computers and TV’s It’s a Wonder Why People In Florida Still Don’t Know…

Get Up to $10,000 in Coverage For Your Auto Accident Injuries

We want you to call us. Schedule an appointment today. Let us help you feel better today.


The Physicians and Staff at the Accident Center at RejuvenX

P.S. We look forward to meeting you.

“Helping Patients Feel Better is NO ACCIDENT”